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CAM Canine Arthritis Management 


In September 2021 Rebecca completed her CAM (Canine arthritis management) Advocate course. Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of many euthanasia in dogs. Commonly under diagnosed and poorly managed. 80% of dogs have OA after the age of 8 years old but only 20% will display signs. Our aim is to increase awareness, help identify OA earlier and improve OA management alongside our local vet teams. 

   CAM was originally set up by Vet Hannah Coupon with the intention of improving awareness to owners and professionals. 

OA is most commonly associated with old dogs however many young dogs can also suffer from OA. 1.2 Million dogs are suffering with arthritic signs in the UK. 


Our aim is a practice it to support owners through home treatment plan and hydrotherapy. To be able to modify and adapt to suit owner and dogs needs. We understand not only as professionals but also as owners how OA can impact your dogs life style and we are hear to listen and help. 


If you would like to discuss arthritis management please contact us today... 01208812663 #yourdogmoreyears

  Canine Arthritis Management | Dogs Arthritis Management


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