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Hawksland Canine Hydrotherapy

Providing Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy in the south west

"Dedicated to the care and Rehabilitation of our canine companions, located in the beautiful County of Cornwall."

Welcome To Hawksland canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy Available

"Dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of our canine companions, located in the beautiful County of Cornwall."
Established over twelve years ago by Ros and David Boisseau when they realized the benefits it would have at the time it wasn’t something that was widely used and over time has become a key part in rehabilitation and maintenance of animal therapy. Hawksland has recently been taken over and relocated by Hydrotherapist Rebecca Kestle who trained under the guidance of Sue Hawkin at Hawksmoor training centre and mentored by Ros and David. The new centre has an exciting future, are team look forward to welcoming you to our new home.


Please note that Hawksland only except Veterinary Referral

Hawksland is a fully equipped treatment centre, with an experienced Canine Hydrotherapist and a chartered ACPAT Physiotherapist. The centre includes  a new Heated Swimming pool, aquatic treadmill and Hydro-spa. Along with seperate treatment room facilities, and separate entry and exist doors to suit a wide range of needs.

Over the past years Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy have demonstrated the importance of rehabilitation for our canine companions. It is essential for their mental and physical wellbeing to provide a safe environment for stimulation and exercise purposes. However it is important to recieve advice from your veterinary surgeon before taking your animal for treatment. For the welfare and safety of all patients, all hydrotherapy centres must receive a referral from your veterinary practice before commencing treatment.


Hydrotherapy provides a safe, warm and healing environment for mental and physical stimulation during recovery. The heated water aids in relaxing muscles by increasings blood flow helping decrease pain and muscle spasms. The buoyancy provided by a safety harness or jacket can reduce weight bearing on painful joints that they would normally feel on land. A combination of this and the hydrostatic pressure provided by the water will help reduce swellings by moving fluid away from problem areas. Enabling the patients to move more freely and increasing there range of movement.  Over all helping to not only improve muscle strength but cardiovascular  fitness but also relief from pain.


Here at Hawksland we are a unique team, not only providing Hydrotherapy for many patients but also Physiotherapy. Ros Boisseau is a chartered ACPAT Physiotherapist and part of our team. Providing a wide range of patients with Physio care, we believe in the optimum care for our patients and believe that physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy work well together.  

 Physiotherapist examine movement and posture to enable them to asses and treat patients. 

 In some cases Physiotherapy may be used alongside Hydrotherapy or by its self depending on the patients requirements. There are many tools a physiotherapist may use from massage, laser, wobble cushions or therabands. All used to target different areas of the body and aid in recovery. 

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